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Skilled Technician - Hemel Hempstead

First Call Contract Services
Location Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Date Posted Mar 21, 2019
Category Unspecifed Code (Blank)
Job Type Full-Time
Salary £15 per hour
Branch Hemel
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
£15 per hour
Date Posted
Mar 21, 2019
Job Type
Job Summary:

To complete a comprehensive range of technical, technological and mechanical multi-skilled work including; diagnosing, inspecting, servicing and repair of vehicles, plant and specialist equipment in a safe, efficient and economical manner, with due regard to current legislation,

Ensure that these services are delivered within the Council’s framework of quality standards, performance targets and budgetary controls.

Support the Transport Manager and Workshop Supervisor, as part of the service team, in delivering the corporate vision, values and strategic priorities of the Council.

Act as advisor to the Transport Manager and Workshop Supervisor and senior management on the allocated service.

Work in collaboration with other services, and senior management to ensure that services are joined up appropriately and are aligned to the achievement of the Council’s aims and objectives.


This Job Description is not a definitive list of tasks - it is designed to give an overall view of the job, and not to indicate what the sole requirements are for you to do the work. It is envisaged that you will use your own initiative, and develop you own style to achieve the desired aims.

Reasonable adjustment will be made to working arrangements to accommodate a person with a disability who otherwise would be prevented from undertaking the work.

Specific Responsibilities:
• Carry out a comprehensive range of technical, technological and mechanical multi-skilled work including; diagnosing, inspecting, servicing and repair of vehicles, plant and specialist equipment. Multi-skill between electrical, electronic, mechanical and refurbishment work ensuring high standards are maintained and working within current Codes of Practice, economies of service and within performance measures and timescales.
• Inspect, repair and maintain vehicles to legal requirements and standards laid down by the Department of Transport (DfT), Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and Council’s requirements including those necessary to pass MOT tests and maintain the Council’s credibility regarding its Operator Licence.

• Prepare and present written and oral reports on the condition, failure and recommended corrective action to senior managers, both internal and external customers, the Council’s insurers or, any authorised third party, i.e. police etc.

• Complete and certify that all work is carried out to the relevant legislative requirements and is of the highest standard. Skilled technicians are expected to sign off their own work and to complete all relevant legal and technical documentation as defined within the Fleet Service Team operational policies.

• Use a range of technology based equipment including diagnostic, testing/inspection, hand held devices, internet resources and specialist software in addition to updating the status of repairs on the Council’s fleet management system.

• Ensure that safe working practices are upheld in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act, the Council’s Safety Policies and site instructions when working on customer premises. Always ensure that a safe working environment is maintained returning used equipment and that the area is kept clean and tidy

• Identify the need and specify replacement parts through the relevant electronic, hard-copy catalogues and the Council’s fleet management system. Calculate repair costs and where appropriate seek customer authorisation and order appropriate parts and verify against specification upon arrival

• Interpret and implement technical service instruction data and manufacturer’s modifications including understanding and interpreting complex and intricate wiring diagrams/technical drawings regarding electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

• Recommend developments or changes in working practices to optimise the economic and safe maintenance of vehicles, plant and equipment. Proactively make recommendations to senior management regarding future specification and design of fleet with regards to reducing maintenance costs.

• Joint responsibility for the mentoring and development of up to 4 Modern Apprentices

Workshop Supervisor absence: In cases where the Workshop Supervisor is absent through sickness of annual leave, any or all of the skilled technicians will lead in their respective projects, to ensure that workloads are allocated, performance is monitored and outputs achieved within timescale and to standard. Where areas of expertise exist, any or all of the skilled technicians will be expected to lead in that area, to proffer advice and direction on a range of technical issues and deal with a range of customer issues or complaints. In cases where issues are of a serious nature or where resolution cannot be achieved, matters will be escalated to the Transport Manager who will have an overview of operations.

The Council operates an extremely diverse and specialist fleet. The Fleet Service Team has the responsibility for facilitating internal and external customer requests, undertaking both on and off site repairs and maintenance for Council and external customers vehicles and plant with associated operational and administrative functions, all within Department of Transport regulations. The workshop has the responsibility for the repair and maintenance of approximately 100 Council fleet vehicles plus approximately 300 other plant and equipment items.

In addition, the post holder may be required to:

• Participate, on a rota basis, in the 24 hour standby arrangements and respond to any associated call-outs in order that the agreed levels of customer service are met.

• With notice, carry out additional hours to meet service demands, i.e. Saturday’s after bank holiday weekends backlogs, or when there are equipment or personnel shortages.

• Work on an extended alternating shift pattern (possibly between the hours of 06:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday), if implemented.

An additional payment will be made to cover these duties.

Physical Effort:
The use of heavy machinery, materials and specialist tools will be required to carry out vehicle inspections, repairs and maintenance, this may involve working from heights with the use of ladders, mobile platforms or fall arrest systems etc.

Working Environment:
The work will be carried out within a vehicle and plant workshop. The majority of the time the postholder will be exposed to noise and unpleasant smells coming from vehicles being repaired within the main workshop.

On occasions the postholder will be required to visit locations away from the workshops that could include roadside and ‘off-road’ locations, therefore additional exposure to inclement weather may be experienced.

Generic Responsibilities:
• To support and embrace the Council’s High Performance Environment Culture.
• To support the production and delivery of a service plan for the service, taking account of the Corporate Strategic Service Improvement Plan, budget, service standards and future developments or trends.
• Ensure that systems and processes are in place and followed within the service to support the delivery of improvement, value for money, performance management targets and the Councils Priorities.
• To develop, support and deliver corporate initiatives.
• To support the delivery of service objectives, ensuring that it is done within budgets and that the service delivers value for money. For the Council and its citizens.
• Support positive communication across the organisation, encourage constructive relationships, including with the Council’s key partner agencies.
• Understand the role in context of the wider Council needs and to be a part of cross cutting project teams across the Council as needed.
• Sustain a positive working partnership with elected Members and support their overview and scrutiny role. Provide advice as required, including preparing and presenting complex, quality and timely reports.
• To research, develop and recommend policies and strategies in respect of functions within service.
• To make contributions to corporate initiatives as and when required (e.g. IIP, Improvement Programme, Lean Six Sigma Projects, Zero Based Budgeting & partnership working.) and corporate inspections (e.g. Internal Audit, IIP, and Value for Money)
• To support the delivery of a customer focused service across the Council and to continuously improve the service area.
• Comply with the Council’s Constitution, policies and governance arrangements.
• Ensure all services are delivered equally and fairly for all users and customers.
• To be positive and challenge inappropriate behaviours and act within Council policies on equalities and diversity, financial issues and customer care.

• This job description will be supplemented by annual target based outcomes which are set via the Council’s Performance Excellence Programme, which supports the Councils priorities and strategic objectives, to be developed in conjunction with the post holder. It will subject to regular review and the Council reserves the right to amend or add to the duties listed.