Compliancy Within Our Network

First Call Contract Service employs a full time Director of Compliance to ensure all offices within our national network remain compliant. The Director oversees the management and compliance of Gangmaster licensing, immigration, health and safety, auditing and management of candidates WTD as well as promotion of ETI Base codes.

Our employees receive training in all legislation in the prevention of illegal working as we believe that having a knowledgeable workforce is conducive to delivering a highly trusted service and is fundamental in building long term partnership relationships with our clients.

The compliance department provides a number of benefits to our clients and colleagues:

  • Direct contact with our Compliance Team for guidance and advice completely free of charge
  • Contract specific training courses, guidance and support to both clients and colleagues across our entire network.
  • Quarterly partnership office audits remotely through our bespoke CRM software ensuring complete compliance in every location. With remote auditing we also reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Internal guidance books and software (Keesing ID Documentscan) that supports our recruitment teams, identifying fraudulent documents and ensuring that we recruit and supply workers compliantly.
  • Unique Client Portal, enabling client to have complete transparency of worker records including training and relevant licences etc.