Manufacturing and Production Contract Workers

Manufacturing and Production Contract Workers

Posted 12 December 2012

At First Call Contract Services we fill numerous contract positions within the manufacturing and production environment. As we operate nationwide we are able to supply contract labourers throughout the entire UK, even last minute requirements.

Whatever the level of skill required by a client, through our thorough recruitment process we can ensure the right candidates are selected to fulfil your recruitment needs. This is especially important when it comes to the manufacturing and production environment due to the amount of specialist positions we fill.

We supply multi-skilled contract workers to a range of companies within the manufacturing and production industry including both the engineering and technical fields. Whether it be CNC, Fabrication, Metal work or Loom wiring, PCB Assembly, Bench Testing our recruitment services teams can find a solution to match your needs.

Contract positions we typically fill range from technicians and machine operators to quality control and production staff. If you are trained in these areas and are looking for work as a contractor, or similarly if you run a company that would benefit from the addition of trained contract labourers then head over to our contact us page and get in touch!

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