Engineers – thought about contract ...

Engineers – thought about contract work?

Posted 8 January 2013

Are you a fully trained or qualified engineer looking for contract work? Here at First Call Contract Services we fill numerous contract positions within the engineering sector at some of the UK’s leading companies.

Throughout the UK we are currently experiencing a shortage of up-and-coming engineers. As silly as it may sound, the UK needs a lot more engineers to go contracting, because locking them up in permanent roles is denying their skills to the rest of UK PLC! The more flexible the engineering workforce, the better; UK can keep the home fires burning and whilst fulfil growing international demand for UK engineering talent.

Here are the facts:

  • There is a major shortage of qualified and experienced engineers in the UK, especially contract workers.
  • Fewer young British people are choosing careers in engineering meaning many companies require talented engineers offering staff a variety of contract positions
  • The UK has a long and strong engineering tradition, with many of the top global engineering firms having headquarters here
  • Engineering skills are required to build and maintain basic infrastructure, such as transport, public health and the built environment.

So if you’re an engineer maybe now’s the time to consider work as a contractor? There are a number of benefits to undertaking contract positions – why not get in touch and see why life in contract services could be right for you.

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