Contractors could benefit from fall in ...

Contractors could benefit from fall in permanent positions

Posted 14 January 2013

Contract labourers could see themselves in high demand after a recent report has revealed there were fewer permanent employment opportunities across the UK last month than previous months this year, with Scotland experiencing the biggest drop.

The survey, conducted by the Bank of Scotland, the rate of decline has been the greatest in the last 22 months whereas the demand for contract services has seen an increase.

Chief economist at the Bank of Scotland, Donald MacRae, said, “The number of people appointed to permanent jobs declined for the first time this year, showing the effect of the current slowdown in the economy. However, the number of vacancies continued to increase, giving hope that the upwards trend in employment can be maintained.”

This upward trend is currently being filled by contract positions across the UK, helping companies get back on their feet and allowing them to maintain a flexible workforce during difficult times.

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