Why First Call should be your First choice!

Why First Call should be your First choice!

Posted 16 July 2013

Here at First Call Contract Services, as a leading supplier of labour solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to fulfil a huge variety of contracts all over the UK into a vast range of industry sectors including the distribution, logistics and printing industry to name but a few.

It’s not just thanks to our large network of nationwide offices that allows us to do this, but it’s also thanks to our dedicated team of and flexible temporary workforce.

As an example, the First Call Contract Services Staines office are currently proud to be working with a high profile post client supplying fully compliant aviation sector workers in Middlesex. We were delighted when our client got in touch to report back on their findings thus far….

Due to our exacting standards of recruiting in line with EU regulation 185, chapter 11. Not only did the client’s compliance team pass all applicants presented as fitting their exacting requirements but early reports indicate that our staff are the top performers, both in terms of attendance, punctuality and productivity, from all their suppliers.

And THAT’S why First Call should be your First choice for contract services work!

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