Are You In Safe Hands?

Posted 22 May 2014

First Call Contract Services operate within many different industries including Food Production and Processing.  The Gangmaster Licensing authority or GLA was set up to protect workers from being exploited within the fresh produce supply chain and horticultural industry. Scarily, even in today’s society, exploitation still exists.  Recently six individuals were arrested in a GLA Anti trafficking operation.

As part of a joint operation between police and the Gangmaster Licensing Authority themselves, arrests were made by officers, who had been investigating people trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation in the vegetable processing industry.

All agency labour providers, that work within Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Shellfish gathering or Food and drink processing and packaging need a GLA licence.  Recruitment agents are checked against defined standards in the areas of Health and Safety – accommodation, pay, training and transport.

Not only does this ensure that the workers receive fair treatment, but it also ensures that labour providers are not undercut by people paying less than the minimum wage. It also aims to raise industry standards.

For more information on the standards we adhere to or for more information on the types of industries First Call Contract Services operate in, contact us here.



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