Training Division – Investment in our ...

Training Division – Investment in our Workforce Skills and Client Performance

Posted 1 July 2015

Our Training Division headed by Andy Tudor – Training & Development Manager has been a fantastic support division to First Call Contract Services. The Division has engaged workers on functional skills courses and tailored work based programs to meet our client’s exact requirements.

All courses are awarded by HABC, they are all completely free of charge and are available to temporary and FTE workforces.

Courses that we have worked on so far are within the Food, Print, Distribution and Waste Sectors.

Andy Tudor said, “I absolutely love making a difference to our clients and colleagues lives and working environments. Training engages and drives improvements in work and more importantly peoples livelihoods. The platform in which I have to operate within at First Call Contract Services provides me and my team complete flexibility to focus on where training really has the most impact.”

If you are a client seeking improved performance and efficiencies or a colleague wishing to improve their core skills then please contact us to find out more…

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