Food Production & Processing (GLA)

Food Production, Manufacturing and Processing Labour Providers

food manufacturer jobs labour providersFirst Call Contract Services provides temporary labour into every aspect of the food manufacturing, production and processing industry – from fresh food producers to the processing and packaging of goods as per more traditional production lines.

To ensure a safe working environment and high standard of service our Director of compliance completes quarterly audits using the ALP audit tool, as well as attending Association of Labour Providers (ALP) and Gangmaster Licensing Authority (GLA) roadshows and training workshops.

  • Food Manufacturing jobs we supply include, but are not limited to:
    • Producers, from growers to bakers
    • Order processing
    • Packaging
    • Operations
  • We hold a GLA licence via our association with DEFRA
  • We provide full training on Food Hygiene Level 2 and Health & Safety
  • First Call has provided food production jobs to clients for over 15 years
  • Our Director of Compliance is part of the Agency Labour Providers GLA Liaison Group who represent its members interests at the GLA Liaison Group meetings.

For a full update on our unique approach, which makes us ‘partner of choice’, and our full list of services please call 08707 66 60 70 or contact us to request a call back.