First for food service contractors

First for food service contractors

Posted 25 April 2013

Food service is a generic title for what is actually a huge industry, covering a multitude of operations, all of which can benefit from contract labourers.

Here at First Call Contract Services we supply staff to many areas within ‘food’; contract manufacturing, production and processing.

As our recruitment services supply the food industry it’s imperative we hold all the necessary licenses required by any recruitment agent filling contract positions within the fresh produce supply chain and horticulture industry.

Licences are only issued by the GLA once they are satisfied the company in question meet all the employment standards required by law; something First Call Contract Services achieved first time.

At First Call Contract Services we can provide skilled contract workers into every aspect of the food manufacturing, production and processing sector. From fresh food producers, including growers and bakers, to the processing and packaging of goods in line with more traditional production line requirements.

Head over to our Food Production & Processing page for more information.

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